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Change locks on new house

Hi and congratulations new (current) home owner!

Did you know that keys realtor gave you are most probably same one previous owners had. And the funny thing is that you never know how many people had that key or maybe uncle Sam recalled his cousin in 10 years

Anyway, changing house locks is absolultlu must (in locksmith terms we say rekey the house or house rekeying). When we say change locks, we mean replace a hardware itslef which most of the time is not necessary

We can replace a lock if some of them are different brands such as kwikset or schlage that prevents us making a same key that would open all locks. So what is the procedure and how lock changing works?

  1. Locksmith technician arrives and estimates every locks

  2. Estimate is provided based on lock quantity and lock types (dead bolt, door knob, keypad, french doors, sliding doors, gate locks and many more)

  3. Tech removes locks, rekey them inside his van and come back to install them

  4. Customer and tech check each lock for functionality

  5. Tech gets paid

We work everyday from early morning till midnight. Call us to get a best locksmith service in Katy and Houston tx areas! West Locksmith - Best Locksmith

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2022

You can use deadbolts for the front doors and mortise locks for the inner door locks of the home. Also, you can call a locksmith to know what type of locks are best suitable for your new home.

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