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Houston Car Key Ultimate Locksmith Services

Remove / Extract Broken Keys

Car was working perfectly fine all day, and suddenly you are not able to pull the key out of ignition or broke in half? 

Sometimes in might be battery issue, check if you have lights on dash board or turn on beam lights. If that is the issue then call us for emergency locksmith in Houston. Our professional technician will come and safely jump start your battery

In case it is not battery issue we are still here to help you because we specialize in car keys. The procedures varies based on make, model and year. Please call us at West Locksmith Houston -Katy or fill our form and we will get back to you within 30 minutes. We are the nearest locksmith and moreover fastest in response. Prices will surprise you. 

Ignition Key Replacement

Car is not starting 

Dash lights are on

Engine is cranking 

Still frustrated? Don't be, since engine is alive  

Ignition is being comprimised due to power shortage, and it may signal that your ignition switch needs to be replaced. 

Our locksmith technician can arrive with all required tools and perform complex job taking our screws, cover, all security points and much more. This type of ignition replacement job can be done only by highly skilled and certified technician as West Locksmith Katy and Houston in Texas.


Or one more case when you have different keys for a car door and ignition, moreover to a trunk as well

It's just mind blowing and super lazy even to hear that. Three different keys for a single car


We can assure you that our techs will perform ultimate full package service in your area. Honda, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Dodge and some audi, bmw, mersedez. Some newer models are done only by dealerships. 

Duplicating Car Keys / Car Key Copy

Locksmith that can duplicate existing a car key for a cheap price.

Yes that's true. 

We provide same hour, high quality duplicate services

Did you know that it's not enough just to cut a metal key and start a car?

Example below

But we also need highly expensive equipments and even more training and never ending subscription in order to keep up with your car models?

Example of what is under the hood in order to make a car key copy

Nevertheless, West Locksmith Katy - Houston is the best and cheapest locksmith and is nearest locksmith in your area. We work hard and provide late night locksmith services as well.


So How much is car key cost? That depends on million factors. Give us a call for a best automotive locksmith near me

Motorcycle Locksmith

Locksmith that can do motorcycle keys. Extremely hard to find. 

But luckily you are in the right page. We do most motorcycles and three wheel car  keys. 


Call us today if you lost your bike key or ignition is broken. We will take care of your two or three wheel buddy. 

Best Locksmith - West Locksmith. Call us today in Houston, Katy tx and more. 832 878 3000

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