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Katy-Houston Emergency Locksmith

Locked out of Car? 

Believe or not it happens everyday to many people 

Perhaps for you, it involves leaving the keys inside the ignition before locking your vehicle. Well, no need to panic, it can feel frustrating, especially when you have kids, pets or essential assets that need immediate help. Nearest car unlock service in Houston


We can dispatch technician in 30 mins and get you back to business in 5 minutes. Call us for details - Houston, Katy, Cypress, Missouri city tx. We serve 40 miles around Houston, tx. Call us for details

Do you know that most of locksmith technicians use slim jim to push car door and frame apart? The reason is because they might not have car key locksmith skills that requires to have so many tools for every car model with several years of hands on experience or it's just impossible to do for that particular model

If our technician says it is possible to unlock side lock of your car then you can request advanced unlock service so that your car door and rubbers won't be disturbed. Additional cost incured.

Locked out of House 

Was walking out your dog or chilling in backyard then suddenly realized that you didn't grab keys while somehow dorn knob was locked? 

That is classic story and can happen really easily. Who do I call when door is locked or what service unlocks doors and when they can come? So many questions ... don't panic, it is just a door and lock that needs to be unlocked. It only takes under 30 minutes to get us there 

Will I use my lock again, is it going to be damaged? %95 of time dorn knobs are not damaged at all. Only smart dorn knobs sometimes require drilling

Our friendly and very well trained locksmith technician will use his professional tool that safely unlocks your lock. Refer to the picture to the right

When I comes to timing, we are the nearest locksmith you can imagine because under 30 minutes is just a bullet speed and high availability of technicians 

Garage Unlock Service

Most of time customers call us and explain the situation starting with " we locked out of house and it is dorn knob in garage" and sometimes it is garage door itself. It can happen due to electricity outage, low battery on garage keypad or clicker non responsiveness. 

How to unlock a garage?

There are two techniques we can use to unlock a garage.

First as shown on picture to the right we can pick the lock to unlock the mechanism that keeps the garage locked so that we can pull it from bottom manually 

Second is our secret recipe (maybe not that secret), but still requires some tools and definitely practice and more practice. We promise you it is not easy as it looks like

Our katy-houston locksmith techs always careful and professional. So no assets will suffer or see some damage. Our West Locksmith Houston location serves any types of lock out in amazing 15 mins. 

Storage Lock Cut

I had all my things in storage and it has been thousand years since I locked them there. By the way... what?... where is the key?

That's definitely a common case. There are several lock types and some are a little harder to cut. So how to remove storage lock?

You have to have cutting tools with appropriate cutting wheels. Call us today and receive same hour service with best locksmith with affordable prices in Houston tx Katy and surrounding areas!

Trunk - Gas Cap Unlock Service

Got some groceries from HEB and started allocating them in trunk. Finally, everything done and slam car trunk with idea of reaching home asap after long day. But wait.. keys were on the fresh avocado bag that I though will pick up in the end. Trunk unlock service is what exactly you need because some of trunks can be unlocked only by picking trunk lock itself with locksmith professional tools 

There are not many locksmith in Houston, tx that can provide car key locksmith service where actually trunk is belong. Trunk lock is same technology as car door lock. It requires a lot of digital tools and subscriptions. We can unlock Mercedes, BMW, Audi and many more trunks here in Houston. 

Gas cap locked?

It is super rare, but if it happens you should be assured that you are in the right place. West Locksmith Katy can handle this without a single scratch not speaking of damage to your car gas cap. Call us today

Mailbox Lock

Lost mailbox keys and what service can unlock and make a key? 

Yes we can do that asap. Asap Locksmith Service means it is under 30 minutes. West Locksmith Katy - Houston and Max Key Locksmith in Energy corridor area, dairy ashford, katy freeway, westheimer rd, bellaire and many other areas.

Mailbox keys are small and tend to magically disappear. Some people or tenants have only one mailbox key which is pretty risky. Our professional and highly communicative locksmith technician can replace your mailbox and provide you two keys.


What if mailbox keys are totally gone and mailbox door is locked? 

In that case we either drill or pick it, even if it says USPS lock. 

Quick tip: USPS mail delivery staff don't need to have your keys, you don't have to contact them because they open hole mailbox panel and deliver mails. So you are totally free to change or make new keys without hindering deliveries.

Locked out of Box Truck or 18 Wheeler? 

Locked keys inside your box truck or 18 wheeler and moreover truck is running?

As always, we got you under 30 minutes most of the time. Some truck are not easy to open and some are literally impossible with traditional slim jim. In that case if locksmith technician is not trained to do car keys since it involves several dozens of different pick tool, then there is no way you can get your door open

Our technicians are capable of any 18 wheeler lock mechanism. 

Prices vary based on type of lock, time and distance. Trucks unlock services are more expensive that usual car lock out. Still we are always ready to you give you best price. Call us now 

RV Door Unlock Service

RV trip with family is so magical and warm experience to have. Park RV in rv resort and grill some barbecue, then suddenly realized nobody took keys with them.


RV door is locked, who should I call to? You got the answer - West Locksmith Katy - Houston tx. 

Usually there are two locks in RV doors, one is pull than unlocks dorn knob style latch and other lock is dead bolt style bar latch. Most of the time is a pull lock. Sometimes even key brakes and half of it stays inside. We can definitely extract that key

We can unlock your door and your barbecue still will be hot since locksmith tech arrives in no time and safely without damage unlocks your RV or trailer. 

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