Business Lock Change, Rekey and Install Services in Katy and Houston Tx

Katy-Houston Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Lock Change - Rekey

Employee left or fired work place and you as an owner don't want any

surprises from former employees.

Rekey or some people call it change lock - that's what you need to

secure your assets.

Business change lock in Houston is one of our highly skilled areas. 

There are many types of locks in Houston, tx businesses.

The one you see to the right is most common

Commercial File Cabinets 

File cabinets often go unnoticed and unattended to.This is usually a risky practice as you store all documents in the cabinets.

Therefore, neglecting the security of the cabinets and desks poses a higher risk to the loss of an organization’s data than you could imagine. However, you do not need to stress about the locks anymore. Our safe locksmith in Katy and Houston, TX have experience and expertise dealing with a wide range of cabinet and desk locks.

Master Key - Same Key that Open all Locks 

Master key systems are designed to enable business owners to access all locks with a single key while maintaining the integrity of the individual rooms. Ultimately, it eliminates the need to carry large bunches of keys around just to access every part of your commercial building.

Properties that have multiple locking rooms can be complex to manage, and that’s the reason a master key system is needed. A commercial locksmith can design a suitable and efficient master key system to give you complete control over your premises.