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Katy-Houston Residential Locksmith

Rekey - Change Locks for one Key

There are many situations when you need type in google "locksmith near me" or nearest locksmith. 

Bought a new house and need to change locks since you are a new owner and don't want Sam's uncle from Missouri city tx come to visit house after 30 years. It is definitely must to rekey whole house and make sure to rekey all locks for one key. There are many cases when house closing is done and you got thousands of keys that open millions locks and you spend quarter of your life figuring and remembering which key fits that door. 

Tenants moved out and need to change locks before new tenants move in, then you can call us yearly basis, as long as people keep coming and going. We love to build long term business relationship and provide continuous locksmith services.

Moreover, it is a liability of landlord. Let us take care of your house locks. 

Install New Locks, Fix Deadbolt or Dorn Knob

Install locks or hardware that you got by yourself?

That's awesome! Because we would happy to know that you will enjoy your own design, size and color while rekeying and installing them. 

But be careful when you purchase a new lock. Make sure that locks are same brand otherwise it is impossible to make a one key that will open all locks. Just because keyway will be different and you won't be able even put it in. 

We don't carry all types of locks since they are so many lock in market, but we always can bring it upon request. Just tell our technician your  preferences and you will see no mistakes.

Dead Bolt is not working. 

You turn the key and it's doing nothing? Most of the time it is latch broken due to high usage and sometimes tailpiece that brakes under pressure of rotating thousand times. Also, if other technician installed dead bolt wrong such as applying too much pressure on screws then latch with tailpiece will eventually give up. Call us and consult on your issue

Dorn Knob is teared apart or not latching.

Same as dead bolt, dorn knob has moving parts such as latch and moreover it has to latch to a frame hole. There are many symptoms for this case, either plate, latch hole, heavy door tilts as time goes by and many more. 

Keypad Installation and Change User Code

Just got a new, shining key pad digital lock. 

Most of the brands are kwikset and schlage, then nest yale, lockly etc. We can rekey or make a single key that will open you keyless lock as well. We can install and setup infrastructure such connecting with phone app or finger print lock setup. 

If you setup your self and do it wrong way, then you will have to buy new one or return. Because what can happen is, when it is supposed to lock the latch it actually retracts it back. So it is messed up, bipping, giving us error code on digital screen and so on. 

Call us for best quality locksmith service in your area. We are best in Houston, Katy, Cypress, tx you name the area. 

Safe Crack - Unlock 

Forgot safe code or combination.

Combination lock is pretty tough, some people say they were using safe everyday and suddenly can't open it anymore. It is just tiny over turn and wrong again. 

Safes are safes and safe. What does it mean?

We have to drill it or cut it with special metal cutting tools. A lot of noice and dust. Do you have a gun safe or just jewelries or commercial big tough safe? 

Sometimes it is drugs that must be used in certain times, especially for elderly people. Our Houston emergency locksmith technician will fly and crack that safe in no time.

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