Fixing the Lock

Imagine this situation

I moved to a new home and needed a person to change the locks and upgrade the security of my place.I did not know whom to call since this was a new town. I performed a background check on the nearest locksmiths in the area. After a long hassle and research, I decided to make a call to West Locksmith Katy which right next to Houston busy areas.

Guess what…it is the proudest decision I have ever made. These experts responded to me most courteously and were very friendly. They gave me a listening ear and promised that the same day or following morning one of our experts would be sent over.

As promised, professional came and did all the work on the same day. The quality of their work is undeniable.

Thanks to them, I have a very secure home today. They are very skillful and ready to come over whenever you call them.


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Shutting the door behind you when getting out or in your home might not be the only reason why you might lockout of or in your house. Jammed locks, bent keys, and faulty systems might also contribute to it. Getting yourself in a lockout situation for whatever the reason it is very risky and frustrating, especially at night and very irritating.

With the right locksmith in Katy and Houston, this should not trouble you. Our professionals will help you resolve the problem within minutes. We offer house lockout services during the day and at night. If you lost our keys, we get you a new key fast. If your locks are the problem, we repair or replace them efficiently. If your keys are bent, we can replace the key within minutes.

Do not let simple lockout situations hold you up and be the reason for not attending relevant meetings and have time with your friends. A call to us is all you need.

When you move to a new place, the first thing after unpacking should be to change the locks to your new home. The reason being, you do not know the person still having the old locks keys, which can be risky if the keys are in the hands of robbers and burglars.

It is a precaution for ensuring that your family stays safe all the time and ensuring that your property is secure.It also helps you have control over who gets access to your home. We offer same-day lock installation services for our clients.There is no type of lock we cannot install. Be it mortise locks, cylinders locks, deadbolts or high-tech locks.Besides, we can help you choose the right locks for your external doors and the internal doors. Also, we offer quality repair services for faulty locks. Depending on the level of damages, we can make the right call, whether to repair replace or rekey the locks.

It is always advisable to a local residential locksmith your partner rather than experts in far areas. This is because he can rush to your place fast and in time when you call him.

Our professionals are what you need for your residential locks and key problems.We bring our services to your doorstep. We are available 24/7. This means that we can handle your security issue whatever the time in the day or at night. Be it locks repair, key cutting, and duplication, security systems repair, or whatever the problem, we have your back.

All you need is to call us - West Locksmith Katy. Always near you